Food lovers the world over are going crackers over a new egg, and it has been developed in Australia.

The raw, smoked eggs from The Smoked Egg Company have wowed international audiences at the recent Gulifoods trade exhibition in Dubai.

Creators Paul and Julie Kos have built on their best-practice free range egg farm to deliver a world first egg that tastes great and is eliminates the threat of salmonella.

“My smoked eggs are just the ticket to dial up interest at your next dinner party,” said Kos.

“These eggs are not only good for you, but they will breathe new life into your tried and tested recipes.” As an added bonus, the smoked eggs have an extended shelf life.

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone said the smoked egg has the ability to change most recipes created in the kitchen.

The humble egg is the most used ingredient in the kitchen and the new smoked egg is a game changer.

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