Woolworths Partner With Hunger Relief Charity For A Back To School Appeal

Australia’s largest hunger-relief charity, Foodbank, has partnered with Woolworths for a Back to School appeal. The beginning of the school year is an exciting but trying time for some families. The new appeal aims to provide food to families and children in need.

Between the 30th of January and the 12th of February, customers will be able to purchase tokens for $1 when shopping at any Woolworth's store, which will help provide two meals to the needy.
“15% of children living in food-insecure households go to school at least once a week without lunch,” said Brianna Casey, Foodbank CEO.

A 2018 Foodbank report stated that almost half of Australian families in need reported feeling less stressed (48%) and better supported by their community (45%) after receiving food relief.
Foodbank Youth Ambassador, 10-year-old Alice Ramsey is setting a fantastic example for people around the world by showing that anyone can help. Alice recognised that people in her area were in need and organised fundraising events which allowed her to donate to the needy or provide food for them.

“Alice is an inspiration to us all on how we can each play a part to help support hunger relief. We’re privileged to be able to continue our support of Foodbank in their mission to reduce food insecurity around Australia and help children head back to school with food in their lunchboxes. We are grateful for our generous customers who play an integral part in supporting this cause,” said Claire Peters, Woolworths Managing Director.