Woolworth’s Partners With WWF

Woolworth’s supermarkets have teamed up with the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Australia to assess its seafood sustainability. The partnership will allow WWF to evaluate all of the supermarket chain's Own Brand seafood products using the organisation's independently developed methodology and implement standards of traceability to make it easier for customers to make sustainable buying decisions. Recent research has shown that 80 percent of Australian seafood consumers believe that seafood needs to be protected.

Woolworth's general manager of quality, sustainability and health, Alex Holt said: “Our oceans and marine life stocks are under increasing pressure as global populations grow and as demand for seafood soars. We know our customers are enjoying more seafood each year and they are becoming increasingly more interested in knowing where their seafood is sourced from. Raising awareness of sustainably sourced products is an ongoing priority for Woolworths, as is ensuring that all the seafood of offer at our seafood counter as well as own brand seafood products, come from sustainable sources.”

WWF-Australia’s seafood lead, Jo-anne McCrea is excited to partner with Woolworth’s to work towards a more sustainable future. “Working together with Woolworths will create real on the ground conservation outcomes for our precious marine environments. We will help Woolworth's select seafood that minimises impacts on our oceans and marine life; work directly with fishing and aquaculture operations to help them improve sustainable practices where necessary, and make it easier for Woolworths customers to choose responsibly produced seafood.”