Allegations have emerged of an Australian supermarket’s “appalling” working conditions after a manager asked staff to work for pizza instead of money on a Sunday. Employees claimed the directive would have come from the executive level at the supermarket giant, Western Australian Coles. A notice to staff was posted asking them to work on a Sunday stock take for pizza, rather than extra income or time in lieu. Several staff contacted their trade union after seeing the notice and Peter O’Keefe, SDA state secretary, branded the proposal as “unacceptable.” When questioned, the manager in question argued at first and then took the notice down. “We also raised it with Coles head office, because this is clearly very concerning. Coles at senior level were aghast that he actually took this step and they have taken steps to make sure not only that it doesn’t proceed but that it doesn’t happen again,” O’Keefe added. However, in a letter to a radio show, an employee of Coles said the proposal was emblematic of pressure on workers at the supermarket. “The manager would have been pressured and may have felt this was the only possible measure,” the anonymous employee elaborated. Coles released a statement in light of the claims. “Coles values the hard work of all our team members and the notice in the store is completely out of step with Coles’ way of working,” the statement said.