2019 Food and Drink Trends

The grocery industry is a fast-moving juggernaut, with new trends coming and going each year. While 2018 was the year of the pink drink, cold brew coffee and plant-based foods, 2019 is set to step it up a notch with a new facet of emerging food and drink trends. Mintel is reporting that health, wellness and convenience products will continue to be big this year, but with a more extreme twist. Check out the list below for five food and drink trends for 2019.

Hemp Products

New Zealand supermarket aisles are set to undergo a change this year with Hemp food products predicted to invade the shelves. The health and wellness trend will continue to reign supreme in the grocery world and considering that hemp is one of the most nutrient dense seeds on the planet, there’s no doubt that these products will be popular with consumers. Local company Little Bird Organics recently launched its Good Breakfast Cookie made using hemp, while late last year HempFarm NZ developed its Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Keep an eye out for this one as more and more NZ brands reveal hemp inspired products.

Healthy Ageing Alternatives

The world is ageing, according to a report from World Population Prospects: the 2017 Revision, the number of older persons (those aged 60 years or over) is expected to more than double by 2050 and to more than triple by 2100. Globally, the population aged 60 or over is growing faster than all younger age groups. With this information, it isn’t surprising that companies are creating food and drink options to aid this ageing population. Mintel reports that 55 percent of polish consumer aged 55 plus use functional food and drink to maintain a healthy heart, while 54 percent of Italians seek function food and beverages to improve digestive health. The products are infused with added vitamins and minerals to assist with bone, joint and immune health. Polish company Bakoma launched a senior-friendly line of yoghurts and yoghurts drinks enriched with calcium and vitamin D. Italian brand Geovita Nutrition Good life grain mix contains goji berries and paprika – both suggested to have anti-ageing benefits.

Plastic Revolution

Consumers believe that plastic is no-longer fantastic. 2018 was the year of the single-use plastic bag ban, and 2019 is predicted to extend even further into the anti-plastic revolution. Consumers will now turn more towards the manufacturers questioning if they are sustainable and embracing a circular economy. Global food science analyst, Emma Scofield explained: “Like nutrition, sustainability will become an expectation for companies to offer consumers.”

Mainstream Moderation

Last year saw the introduction of low to no alcohol beverages into supermarkets. With millennials continuing to become more health conscious this trend is only set to continue in 2019. According to FDF World, last year saw a 57 percent increase in the consumption of low or no alcohol beer with 1.4mn UK households buying the option. DB Export launched an extra low carb beer into supermarkets in January.

Premium Convenience

On-the-go options were a definite trend in 2018, and that is only set to increase this year with consumers seeking more premium options. A Mintel report showed that 22 percent of UK consumers seek more breakfast-to-go options. In the US American company, Quaker introduced a premium breakfast-to-go meal kit offering wholegrain breakfast biscuits, protein-rich Greek yoghurt and trail mix. More premium meal kits will also fill supermarket shelves. Australian brand, Luv-A-Duck has created an authentic Duck Breast Pancake kit containing Australian grown Duck breast, hoisin sauce and 20 Chinese-style pancakes.