In light of Amazon’s imminent launch in Australia, Nielsen Digital Ratings data reports a spotlight on the 4.6million adult Australians who accessed the Amazon U.S. Site during October 2017.
Females were slightly more likely to access Amazon U.S. Site (2.4 million versus males 2.1 million) but males were more engaged, spending an average of over 11 minutes per person, whilst females spent 8 minutes on average.
Desktop was the device of choice for Australians accessing the Amazon U.S. giant site online, accounting for 80% of total time, followed by Tablet with 13% and Smartphone (7%).

In context, the Mass Merchandiser subcategory was accessed by 13.4 million adult Australians during October 2017, where Amazon U.S. site was ranked second. The top five sites include:

Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings (Monthly), People 18+, Mass Merchandiser subcategory, Total Audience excluding applications October 2017

“With the increased behaviour of purchasing goods online and in the lead up to Christmas, we expect Amazon to have a significant impact to the Australian retail sector.” said Megan Treston, Executive Director, Retailer Services, Nielsen.