A Playful Celebration of Unique Kiwi Flavour Combinations Has Landed

At a time when the nation’s focus is on buying local, New Zealand’s favourite chip brand*, Bluebird, is celebrating some of the things that are unique to New Zealand with the launch of four new Kiwi flavours. And it’s not afraid to court a little controversy.

The new Kiwi Flavourites range is an accomplishment in chippie innovation, taking inspiration from classic Kiwi pastimes and traditions with four flavour combinations – and a special twist.

In a love ‘em or hate ‘em move, Bluebird is appealing to sweet-toothed chip fans with a limited-edition lamington flavour.

“We know both our paua fritters and lamington chips are going to raise a few eyebrows, but you just can’t beat the salty and zesty hit or wonderful sweet bite with the satisfying Bluebird crunch. The bigger controversy, that we’d like to put to rest, is over who invented lamingtons: us or the Aussies? said Bluebird General Manager Ali Hamza.

Australian chip eaters have already tested the lamington flavour, produced by Smiths, claiming it’s a quintessentially Aussie cake.

“We’re not buying that: it’s a Kiwi cake that the Aussies copied and now they’re about to see our lamington chip give them a run for their money.”

Lamington is joined by the more traditional ‘Sunday roast’ and ‘cheese and onion toastie’ chips, as well another controversial flavour ‘paua fritters and lemon’, to spark some nostalgia.

Ali explained what’s behind the new, limited edition flavours: “With the borders closed, New Zealanders have been given the chance to enjoy the things we love about our country the most. This gave us the opportunity to celebrate what makes us truly Kiwi – creating flavours that spark happy memories.

“Nostalgia can help in uncertain times, and we hope a little taste of New Zealand will give everyone something to smile about.”

The Lamington flavour in particular has received high praise from Bluebird’s Potato Chip Production Manager Chris Clements, who says that never in his 30 years at the company has he been so excited about a flavour. “Straight away when you open the packet, the aroma comes out of a freshly cooked strawberry and chocolate lamington yummy – this flavour takes the cake!”

The four limited edition flavours are:

  • Paua Fritters and Lemon – Inspired by a trip to the beach, this unexpected salty and zesty flavour will be every seafood lover’s go-to.
  • Lamington – A very modern twist on a classic Kiwi afternoon tea, you’ll taste sweet and coconutty combined with savoury and that classic Bluebird crunch.
  • Cheese and Onion Toastie – No roadie is complete without a stop at a local lunchroom for a crispy and gooey cheese and onion toastie.
  • Sunday Roast – A bit of a Kiwi tradition, the Sunday roast plays off the classic Kiwi tradition of sharing a family meal– and pairs perfectly with the original crispy cut chip.

Bluebird’s Kiwi Flavourites not only take inspiration from Kiwi flavours, they also showcase the talents of one of New Zealand’s creative treasures – artist Greg Straight. Greg designed the packets to feature all things that would evoke Kiwi memories, depicting the inspiration of each flavour with artfully designed icons we all recognise.