A Rather Regal Summer

In time for summer, Regal Marlborough King Salmon has added a delicious new Maple flavour to its range of Wood Roasted and Cold Smoked salmon.

The maple range includes three new products that will enrich your salmon experience and shake up traditional recipes. Choices include the cold smoked King salmon subtly smoked over maple woods, and the Double Maple King salmon infused with a maple flavour and slowly roasted over aromatic maple wood.

This elegant salmon range is ideal for summers spent entertaining family and friends. Whether it’s added to a fresh salad served for a backyard BBQ, paired with hummus and crackers for a platter in the park, or added to sourdough sandwiches packed for the beach, it’s a simple yet delightful addition.

Not only is it full of flavour, Regal Maple Smoked Salmon is a natural source of healthy long chain omega-3 fatty acids benefiting brain function, heart health, and healthy skin and hair. Packed with other essential minerals including selenium and Vitamins A & D, it’s an easy way to improve your wellness and shop local.

Sustainably raised in the clear waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds, Regal Marlborough King Salmon is known for its incredible flavour, colour, and texture compared to other species of salmon.

The full Regal Maple King Salmon range can be purchased at New World, Pak’n Save and Countdown stores nationwide.