A Story With Full Flavour

A family-owned company of Mediterranean origins, Lahmajou’s rise from honest, humble beginnings to become one of New Zealand’s largest specialised flat bread manufacturers and a major supplier to the New Zealand food industry is a tale of Kiwi ingenuity and authenticity.

Giannis Michaelides set sail from Cyprus in 1966. He arrived in Christchurch with only the clothes he stood in, a wonderful smile and a healthy appetite for leavened bread his mother had taught him to make. But Giannis brought with him more than just his love of pita, he introduced to New Zealand pantries other wholesome, ethnic flatbreads from exotic lands and earlier times.

The Giannis brand was established in 1991 and continues to go from strength to strength nearly 30 years on.

The brand produce and supply an extensive range of Pita Bread, Wraps, Pizza Bases, Tortilla and Naan bread products that are available in the New Zealand market including Gluten Free options.

"We are always looking closely at the market and consumer trends and will continue to develop new products to meet the market supported by an extensive marketing programme across Giannis social media platforms," said Simon Rangihaeta, marketing manager at Giannis.

This kind of honest-to-goodness philosophy, Kiwi No. 8 wire mentality, and refusal to compromise the quality and integrity of the products is fundamental to the way the Giannis family will continue to run the business in 2021.

For more background on the Lahmajou story go to www.giannis.co.nz

For sales enquires contact Lahmajou Sales and Marketing Manager Simon Rangihaeata 021 854 091, simon@giannis.co.nz

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