A Sweet Victory for Kiwis

Tim tam

In an exciting revelation for New Zealand’s biscuit aficionados, Arnott’s has officially introduced the gluten-free rendition of the nation’s beloved chocolate biscuit, Tim Tam. Catering to the dietary preferences of an estimated 100,000 gluten-conscious Kiwis, this gluten-free treat is set to make waves on supermarket shelves in the coming weeks, promising to be a game-changer in the gluten-free market.

This announcement follows the triumphant debut of Arnott’s first gluten-free biscuit range in 2022, featuring Kiwi favourites like Mint Slice, Shortbread Cream, Scotch Finger, Tiny Teddy Choc Chip, and Farmbake Choc Crunch. With the upcoming release of Gluten-Free Tim Tam, Arnott’s aims to redefine the gluten-free snacking experience, leveraging the success and popularity of its gluten-free lineup.

Meticulously crafted by Arnott’s Research and Development team through a passionate and thorough testing process, the Gluten-Free Tim Tam retains the exacting taste specifications that have made Tim Tam a worldwide sensation. Michelle Kitchen, Arnott’s Brand Manager, shared her confidence in the perfected gluten-free creation.

“There’s no denying the love New Zealanders have for a Tim Tam. Kiwis ate over 78 million Tim Tam biscuits last year. We’ve heard our passionate Tim Tam fans loud and clear, and after much testing, we’re confident we have perfected it,” said Kitchen.

Kitchen anticipates that the Gluten-Free Tim Tam will not only meet but exceed expectations, becoming a staple for Kiwis longing for a gluten-free version of the iconic biscuit.

Endorsed by Coeliac New Zealand, the Gluten-Free Tim Tam proudly features the organisation’s logo on the packaging, assuring consumers of its gluten-free authenticity.

The eagerly awaited Gluten-Free Tim Tam is now available with stockists, joining the existing Arnott’s Gluten-Free family in New Zealand, which includes Mint Slice, Shortbread Cream, Scotch Finger, Tiny Teddy Choc Chip, and Farmbake Choc Crunch. This latest addition promises to be a treat for gluten-free enthusiasts.

Crafted in Australia with a specialised gluten-free flour blend comprising maise, tapioca, rice, sorghum, and soy, the Gluten-Free Tim Tam marks a significant milestone in Arnott’s commitment to delivering delicious, inclusive treats to a diverse audience.