Service Excellence In Grocery

Twin Agencies

Twin Agencies proudly announced its outstanding achievement as the overall winner of this year's Coalface Supermarket Stores benchmark and evaluation survey. Setting itself apart in a fiercely competitive market, Twin Agencies consistently delivers unparalleled customer service and value, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

The rigorous benchmark and evaluation survey assesses various aspects of supermarket operations, including Suppliers' Support and Service, Coverage and Frequency, Territory Managers' Roles and Core Attributes, Merchandising Coverage and Support, and Overall Satisfaction. The results unequivocally establish Twin Agencies as the pinnacle of excellence within the sector.

Managing Director Shane Webby shared the company's excitement over this achievement.

"We are thrilled and honoured to be recognised as the overall winner of the latest Coalface Supermarket Stores benchmark and evaluation survey. This achievement underscores our entire team's hard work and dedication, committed to providing exceptional service to our retail partners across the grocery sector," said Webby.

A team of dedicated professionals is at the core of Twin Agencies' success. The company's triumph reflects the commitment and excellence exhibited by its staff. Their passion for providing outstanding service and extensive knowledge of the supermarket channel fosters a trusting partnership with stores. Stores feel confident discussing opportunities, knowing Twin Agencies will consistently deliver for them and their customers.

As the undisputed winner of the 2023 Coalface Supermarket Stores Benchmark and Evaluation Survey, Twin Agencies doesn't merely supply to the industry; it sets the benchmark. This accomplishment signifies past success and a dedication to continuous improvement, support, and excellence in every interaction with every store visited, every day, every week. Additionally, holding the top spot as the overall supplier and merchandising agency/supplier for the last 11 years is a source of immense pride.

Twin Agencies' commitment to the grocery sector remains unwavering amid the changes and weather events of the past year. The company aims to exceed expectations and steadfastly supports supermarket stores as they seize opportunities to benefit their stores and shoppers.