A Week In My Store

"Phew that’s another seven days behind me and the team. Worked off our feet but it’s been worthwhile. And coping with some unusual circumstances is just part of the job.

Most of our customers have been quite normal but the odd ones have been both a worry and a laugh.

The elderly lady who insisted on a staff member accompanying her and placing her order in the trolley using gloves was a start for the week. And the man who used his trolley as a battering ram against other customers to keep the two-metre social distancing rule had to be reprimanded before he gave up and stormed out of the store.

Explaining that “use by” was different from a “gone rotten” concept to a greenie was on the afternoon agenda along with the woman who opened wrapped bread to see if it was fresh.

At several points during the week I really wondered how I could go about getting a dark store instead?

Honestly our teams have worked hard to keep the store hygienic, the staff safe, manage stock levels and restocking shelves in trying circumstances with some customers that have been rude and difficult.

There were the laughs as well – especially the older guy with a homemade face mask who forgot to put his teeth in and had trouble asking for assistance at checkout. We wondered how he ate the apples in his basket.

We ask for shoppers to only have one family member shopping at a time, but this also had its problems – the mother with a pram and three young children along with her certainly had her hands full. She said her husband was in isolation and couldn’t look after the kids and she couldn’t get a spot on online ordering.

Don’t know how many times we have been queried about the price of veges following the cauliflower price episode. Truth is they’re all the same as ever and price is season and availability driven.

Our home deliveries have also given us a few laughs. One householder who wanted their delivery left at the front door, wanted their money back after complaining that their dog had ripped up a bag and consumed their meat. It’s been lovely to get some lovely compliments and our delivery drivers appreciate the friendly waves if not the unleashed dogs.

Overall, it’s been quite a month. Even pre-lockdown it was long hours, exhausted but proud staff and vanishing stock albeit improving stock levels. We’re cautiously awaiting the lockdown lifting and perhaps the missing item in all of this is the plastic bags that would have been really helpful – now that’s a conversation starter!"

-Store Manager