An After Dinner Mint

Clipper Tea has launched Organic After Dinner Mints. The cool, menthol taste of peppermint combines superbly with the natural sweetness of spearmint and the subtle, spicy body of fennel and ginger to provide a truly delicious and refreshing 100% organic infusion. Perfect for after dinner. Available as plastic-free ‘string & tag’ teabags.

Clipper Teas contain only natural ingredients and it was the world’s first tea company to switch to plant-based, biodegradable, non-GM and unbleached tea bags.

With a wide range of Organic Fair Trade Black and Green Teas and delicious organic herbal infusions, Clipper Teas are perfect for today’s conscious consumers. Natural, fair and delicious.

Chantal Organics is the exclusive nationwide distributor for Clipper Teas in New Zealand. For further details, please contact or 0800 254 766.