Midlands Apiaries’, acclaimed PURITI Mānuka honey has made another bold move. After creating the world’s first anti-counterfeit jar, with eleven separate consumer security and anti-counterfeit measures, they are ready to turn heads again with the introduction of the highest PURITI grade of UMF Mānuka honey. In addition, PURITI has been the first to adopt the internationally recognised French wine term, Grand Cru (Great Growth).

PURITI provides only the best honey, tested to the higher PURITI standard, and now, they are including a rare UMF 30+ and MGO 1622+ Mānuka honey with a limited release of 250g jars selling for $1,800.  A small price to pay for the rarest, purest honey in the world, served up in PURITI’s exclusive jar.

Grand Cru is the highest level of classification that is designated to a vineyard known for its historical reputation for consistently producing exceptional wine. PURITI’s latest UMF 30+ release is the first Mānuka honey brand referring to this term to show ‘a great class of growth’.

In addition, each jar is presented and protected by an individual alluminum security case with a unique combination lock. A certificate of independent testing authenticity is also provided with each jar.

Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF) is a quality marker or identifier only found in authentic, natural unadulterated Mānuka Honey produced in New Zealand and represents a special natural property only found in certain strains of New Zealand Mānuka Honey.

The ‘UMF 30+’ represents a significant milestone in the grading system for Mānuka Honey. For example, UMF 16+ and above is considered by many to be superior and is typically used in advanced wound care dressings and other medical devices. This special and rare once in 10 harvest event contains almost twice the amount of Methylglyoxal (MGO) and UMF of other Mānuka Honey, certified at an astounding UMF 30+.

PURITI’s exciting new UMF 30+ Mānuka honey is available to purchase from selected stores, and will come protected in PURITI’s own anti-counterfeit jar. The jar has a simple soft touch white label, highlighted with fine black text and high build UV gold detail. Both the jar, lid, and label were designed in conjunction to complement each other and work together. The taste is intensely Mānuka flavoured, yet the texture is smooth, velvety and very pleasant.

“PURITI is dedicated to providing the best honey that money can buy and we’re excited to share the highest graded UMF 30+ Mānuka honey with the world,” said Adam Boot, international brand manager, Midlands Apiaries. “This limited release is an amazing gift from nature promoting the higher standard, uniqueness, rarity and quality of New Zealand Mānuka honey.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of the work that our teams have done for PURITI and the months of hard work leading up to this momentous event.”

PURITI is the result of the company’s dedication to integrity, quality, clarity, and the desire to produce the ultimate jar of Mānuka. The goal for PURITI continues to challenge and improve the status quo for Mānuka honey in New Zealand and sets the standard for the rest of the world.