As the largest and most important food trade fair in the world, Anuga will be presenting over 7,200 exhibitors from 100 countries from 7 to 11 October 2017. With over 900 exhibitors from 50 countries, Anuga Meat, one of the ten trade shows under Anuga, is setting a new record result, with the top players and smaller and medium-sized companies once again exhibiting side by side. Anuga Meat is the second largest trade show of Anuga after Anuga Fine Food.

With its international offer, Anuga Meat is the most comprehensive information and ordering platform worldwide for meat, sausage, game and poultry. It covers the entire spectrum of meat production in its various processing stages. The product range spans from unprocessed meat products, to meat preparations and convenience products, through to fine sausage and ham products and regional specialities. There is no other comparable product show for the meat industry anywhere else in the world.

The top exhibitors at Anuga Meat include Argal, Agrosuper, Bell, Beretta, Citterio, Danish Crown, ElPozo, Heidemark, Inalca, Miratorg, MHP, NH Foods, OSI, Pini Italia, Plukon, Sauels, Steinhaus, Tönnies, VanDrie, Vion, Westfleisch, Wiesenhof and Wiltmann. The French group Bigard is a newcomer here.

The numerous smaller and medium-sized companies of the meat industry also include this year's winner of the German Founder's Prize, Grillido.

The group stands that are exhibiting at Anuga Meat include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Paraguay, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay and the USA. Smaller group stands from Canada, Japan and South Africa as well as individual exhibitors from New Zealand and India round off the international spectrum perfectly.

Anuga Meat is being staged in Halls 5, 6 and 9 of the Cologne fair grounds. Comprising of the sub-segments sausages (Halls 5.2 and 6) red meat (Halls 6 and 9) and poultry (Hall 9) it offers the trade buyers an excellent orientation. The entire global market in one location, in one go, under one roof!

The export business still plays a major role for the international meat industry. Since the demand for meat products is growing worldwide, the sales markets for EU producers are increasingly shifting towards growth regions such as Asia, North and South America. Meat products especially from North and South America are also delivered worldwide, to Europe too, of course. The competition between the producers is thus correspondingly high. The producers within the EU are also battling it out for market shares.

At the same time, consumer issues such as traceability, the health of the animals, animal welfare and quality are become more and more important for the consumer and are accordingly being taken into account by the manufacturers when compiling their offers. Vegetarian or even vegan meat replacement products are also high in trend on some of the markets and are being exhibited by the producers in the scope of their trade fair presence.

In addition to the buyers from the retail trade, the out-of-home market is also playing an increasing role among the sales channels. Many manufacturers from the meat products segment (sausages and meat products) place the focus on specialities from their regions. Primarily sausage and ham specialities from Europe are extremely popular, increasingly also in Asia, for example in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

A glance at the New Products Database on the Anuga website demonstrates the diversity of the meat products presented at Anuga. The spectrum of offers ranges from gourmet meat to regional ham and salami variations, to Beef Jerky, fitness sausages, to-go sausage snacks as well as meat-based ready-made meals.

Spices, herbs and sauces that lend the meat dishes their original and authentic taste, are part of the offer of Anuga Meat or can be found in one of the other Anuga trade shows. The trade fair is open daily from Saturday, 7.10.2017 to Wednesday, 11.10.2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Exclusively trade visitors are granted access.

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