by Matt Grantham, Creative Director, Coats Design Ltd
In today’s digital world, winning fans is all about engagement through discovery. Social media, owned channels and word of mouth are all part of the weave that empowers the consumer to discover what is relevant to their personal needs, satisfies their desire for authenticity and gives them a sense of personal determination.
We’ve noted how the media model of quick, small bites to create that initial ‘hook’ is now flowing through to packaging design. De-cluttering front of pack and simplifying hierarchies, bolder display of logos and typography, simple yet compelling copy, strong imagery and vivid colour blocks are the new design tools being used to seize consumer attention.
And with this, back of pack has become an essential adjunct to express the greater narrative, enticing consumers to online platforms, to round off the experience.
At Coats, we maintain that packaging design can’t be developed in isolation of overall brand creation. It’s an integral element of the brand influence; as such, every aspect of the packaging needs to integrate seamlessly with all other expressions of the brand/product exposure. Packaging still stands as a key part of the purchasing decision, especially in FMCG, but it’s now just one element of the consumer purchase ‘experience’.
We strongly believe on-shelf will continue to be a frontline motivator, helping to forge connections. However, it’s important that packaging design adapts to these new platforms, as an essential factor in winning over loyal fans, not just consumers.