Apatu Aqua 1HAMISH and Nichola Apatu founded Apatu Aqua in 2005. Based at Coopers Beach in NZ’s far north, the family owned and operated business produces quality artisan hand-smoked seafood and pate which is 100% natural and 100% preservative free.
With no previous food manufacturing experience, the couple have always loved seafood and have been harvesting and smoking their own for quite some time. “After a couple of kina seasons we decided it was too labour intensive. We had built a smokehouse to smoke the eels so we decided to add to our range by smoking fish, we try and source all our fish from local fishermen, if not caught by ourselves” says Nichola.

Gurnard, terakihi, trevally and snapper are caught by Hamish, using the sustainable long-line fishing method and harvest eels from northland streams and rivers, ensuring premium export quality fish. The smoked products are smoked using a manuka-fired smokehouse and is tended to every hour to ensure the highest quality product and superior taste preservatives.
Apatu Aqua’s smoked seafood products are all packaged in random weight bags varying from 100gm to 350gm. Vacuum-packed, they have a shelf life of 28 days, and are naturally delicious.

Apatu Aqua 2For more information please visit: www.apatuaqua.co.nz