Australia | Coles Set Customer Limits

More product limits have been introduced by Coles nationwide in Australia in a bid to stop panic buying and shortages.

Products included in the new per customer limits include painkillers and toilet paper. These have been added to customer limit restrictions announced last week on meat and meat products. Rapid COVID tests are available but are limited to one per person.

As Omicron infections sweep through Australia, the lack of available staff has impacted the supply chain. The first place this shortage affects is supermarket shelves. Customers panic buying was a feature of the first wave of COVID-19 but customers mostly settled through the Delta outbreak but Omicron has customers back to panic buying.

The disruptive implications for food supply chains and the broader consumer path to purchase mean brands face a rapidly evolving competitive landscape, they must adapt, pivoting to local sourcing, and exploring new routes to market, including direct to consumer or marketplace platforms. New Zealand suppliers are watching what is happening in Australia and elsewhere and taking action to shore up our supply chain before Omicron jumps out of MIQ and spreads into the community here.