Australian Marketing Investment Report

A report in Aussie brand and retail marketing releases some information on digital channels

A survey commissioned by ShopFully and Nielsen Media Analytics has released information on the marketing investments of Australian retailers, brands and marketing agencies.

The pandemic has supercharged omnichannel experiences, with almost eight in ten Aussie retail decision-makers prepared to invest in more omnichannel integrations. It is important the omnichannel works with brick-and-mortar stores, as 95 percent of respondents see them as having a strong future despite the evolution of digital shopping channels.

While physical storefronts are a priority, almost half of those surveyed plan on increasing spending on digital platforms such as websites, cross-media marketing and mobile apps by more than 25 percent in the next three years.

“Australian retailers and brands were quick to adopt and optimise digital mediums throughout the pandemic, with Click & Collect, delivery on instore and online purchases, and online stock checks among the most adopted features. The challenge now is to better integrate outdated, multichannel marketing models to support a seamless checkout experience for Aussie consumers who are making fewer shopping trips but with larger baskets.” Said Dean Vocisano, ShopFully’s Country Manager of Australia.

The survey highlighted the most effective marketing tools, which are app prompts or notifications, social media advertisements, personalised emails and Google Ads. Marketing activity was considered important by respondents as it increases foot traffic, increased customer loyalty and targets consumers close to physical stores.

“Retailers and brands across Europe have been successfully connecting with local customers through proximity marketing for years, and it’s exciting to see the Australian industry follow suit. By narrowing in on where shoppers are in real-time, retailers and brands can direct them into physical stores to make a purchase.”

The survey noted a decrease in the investment in paper catalogues but a high increase in digital catalogues, with around four in five respondents currently investing in the format. The majority of respondents said they would continue investing in digital catalogues over the next three to five years, with an anticipated 10-50 percent spending increase.

Only 76 percent of retail and 71 percent of brand marketers revealed having a social media presence. Most retailers (63 percent) seemed to reply on Google display and search results, while brands have a stronger presence through online stores (49 percent) and marketplaces (47 percent).

"It’s essential to marry the physical and digital worlds to capitalise on the moments in which consumers are the most likely to fulfil a brand or retailer’s desired outcomes.”

"To gain a competitive edge in an already oversaturated sector, Australian professionals must act on the opportunity to enhance connections with customers and stand out from the crowd.”