Australia’s product safety laws have been slammed by CHOICE as being shamefully weak. The Federal Government have been called upon to stem the flow of unsafe products coming into Australian homes. CHOICE is demanding that Australia reinvents its safety laws to prevent dangerous products from getting into the country in the first place.

“Australia’s product safety laws are shamefully weak,” said CHOICE product safety campaigner, Amy Pereira. “Australia has been let down by successive governments over the last two decades who have allowed unsafe products to flood into our homes. Product recalls have tripled since 1998, that’s millions of unsafe products that should have stopped before they got to shelves, now in people’s homes.”

CHOICE held a survey which found that 93 percent of Australians believe that existing laws protect them against unsafe products when really, they are just assuming all the safety measures are put into place.

“Australians are in the dark when it comes to product safety,” Pereira added. “Unfortunately, our trust is misplaced, and as product recalls continue to skyrocket in Australia, the community is unaware of how little manufacturers have to do before putting products on shelves.”

After hearing appeals, the Federal Government will consider the recommendations arising from the Treasury’s consultation.