According to a recent Greenpeace report, supermarkets in the UK are using more plastic despite urges to cut down. Approximately seven of the UK’s top 10 supermarkets increased their plastic footprint last year. Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s were the only ones to achieve marginal reductions.

Plastic in supermarkets has risen to over 900,000 tonnes despite retailers insisting on cutting down their plastic packaging.

Greenpeace is calling on supermarkets to work towards eliminating sing-use plastic by providing packaging-free products or switching to reusable alternatives. The report claimed that making the plastic thinner or using cardboard instead was unacceptable.

“It is time for supermarkets to accelerate commitments and scale up actions, moving from small-scale trials to support a truly circular and zero-waste economy. Supermarkets have a vital role to play as a catalyst for change, given their pivotal location in the grocery value chain between customers and suppliers.”

The report is urging companies to redesign their packaging methods to reduce their plastic footprint and food waste.