Bad Beer Amnesty

BrewDog has released a new lager – Lost Lager. Made with classic German Saphir hops, the beverage is 4.7% ABV dry-hopped pilsner and gives citrus and stonefruit notes. The beers are available in 330ml cans and bottles and 660ml bottles.

“Lost Lager is a crisp, clean pilsner with hints of spice and zesty lime marmalade character. To mark its launch, we wanted to give beer drinkers a chance to taste a lager made with soul and passion, rather than the mass-produced fizzy yellow swill that the big breweries have been peddling for years,” said James Watt, BrewDog co-founder.

To encourage consumers to try the new lager, ‘bad beer bins’ will be set up in the company’s UK bars, offering customers the opportunity to swap cans of ‘bad beer’ for the BrewDog Lost Lager. The cans swapped out in the beer amnesty will be either recycled, donated to UK universities or used to produce biofuel.

“For decades, the craft of larger has been lost and forgotten by mega breweries putting profit before flavour. But brewed right, lager can pack huge flavour and offer a really exciting style with depth and character. We have been working hard on nailing this recipe for months, and we know anyone who has a taste of Lost Lager will never look back.”