For every upcoming summer adventure, sustainable distributor Epicure Trading Ltd. is exclusively releasing the CasusGrill, an ingenious green take on any previous single-use barbecue.

Ideal for adventurers, foodies, and eco-warriors alike, the CasusGrill uses nature’s own building blocks, brought together in a simple Danish design, to offer the best and easiest way to cook outdoors.

The CasusGrill is comprised completely of sustainable materials: lightweight lava stone, natural bamboo, Quick Oxylite bamboo charcoal briquettes, and cardboard. Once lit, the Quick Oxylite bamboo charcoal briquettes are ready to grill in five minutes and will retain their heat for more than 60 minutes, with even temperatures ensuring your food is grilled to deliciously barbecued perfection.

The newest addition to your quintessential Kiwi summer, take the CasusGrill anywhere in the great outdoors with a good conscience. The disposable nature of the grill also makes it ideal for travellers – simply utilise it at your destination and dispose responsibly, with no return luggage, or guilt, incurred.

Epicure Trading Ltd. Owner Catherine Bell said the team are thrilled to be able to offer the CasusGrill to New Zealanders for the first time, especially in the upcoming alfresco season.

“The CasusGrill™ is the perfect solution to New Zealanders’ love of good eating in the outdoors and the nationwide rise in environmental consciousness," said Bell.

“At Epicure we work to provide products that are new and unique, and the CasusGrill is one of our latest favourites. In fact, I think this is the most exciting product I have ever discovered. Pair the grill with your togs, your hiking boots, or your fishing rod, take it camping and boating to enhance your Kiwi summer experience, no matter what that may be.”

When compared to traditional single-use grills, this alternative creates less waste, fewer CO2 emissions, and a perfectly barbecued meal. No longer does a disposable grill need to negatively impact the environment, the CasusGrill gives those conscious consumers a choice.

The CasusGrill will be available for approximately $19.95 from selected supermarkets.