Biscuit Aisle Revamp

New World Stores undog some changes in the cookie aisle, as new data suggest what customers are looking for

Foodstuffs North Island have refreshed the biscuit aisles across New World Stores, as new consumer data highlights which sweet treats are most loved by Kiwis.

Foodstuffs North Island have over 100 different biscuit options to choose from when filling its supermarket's shelves, which makes picking and choosing the right brands incredibly challenging.

The top ten sellers from last year were:

1.      Griffins Gingernuts Twin Pack 

2.      Toffee Pops 

3.      Mallowpuffs 

4.      Gingernuts 250g 

5.      TimTam Chocolate 

6.      Wine Biscuits Twin Pack 

7.      Squiggle Hokey Pokey 

8.      Super Wine 250g 

9.      Cookie Bear 

10.  Tim Tam Chewy Caramel 

Keeping last year's best sellers in mind, the aisle refresh includes more variety through brands such as McVite’s Penguin, CookieTime, Chanui and Mrs Higgins.

“We know that when it comes to choosing our sweet treats, us Kiwis are creatures of habit. But historically this has been a category with a lot of very similar products that has left little room for innovation." Said Jocelyn McCallum, Foodstuffs North Island Head of Grocery Food and Frozen.

“By delving into our customer insights, we’ve been able to work with our local supplier partners, like Chanui, to help them consolidate their product sizes and allow us to give our customers the variety they’ve come to expect from us. CookieTime is a prime example of Kiwis cookie lotalty.”

"We’re focused on being a heritage brand. The Kiwis who have grown up eating CookieTime are now sharing that love with the younger generations, and therefore the customer insights we get through the partnership with Foodstuffs are important as they help us to develop new products that cater for changing tastes and expectations.” Said CookTime's General Manager Lincoln Booth.