Designed With Kindness in Mind

TERRA’s mission has always been to use the best of nature and technology to create high quality, innovative and sustainably focused personal care products that contain no nasty harsh chemicals and are kind on babies everywhere.

The TERRA range of plant-based nappies and wipes are designed with kindness in mind, kind on babies and kinder on the natural world using natural ingredients sourced globally. The brand only uses the gentlest and most effective ingredients creating a safer product which is at the same time more sustainably focused and kinder on the natural environment.

The innovative design of the TERRA nappies is squarely focused upon baby comfort, utilising the latest design practices with features such as 3D leak guards, ultra-soft waistband, BPLA water-resistant top sheet just to name a few. The TERRA nappy is amongst the most absorbent on the market, absorbing on average twice the amount of liquid than the average nappy meaning that babies stay dryer longer and parents have to do less nappy changes and use fewer nappies.

TERRA nappies are available as nappies and nappy pants and in sizes from newborn right up to junior plus TERRA also has plant-based nappy bags available.

TERRA wipes are 100% bamboo cloth meaning they are very soft and extremely durable and with a range of organic-based formulations such as Kiwifruit and Manuka Honey that contain only natural goodness. Using 100% bamboo cloth means that all wipes are home compostable under the right conditions and are amongst the softest and gentlest on baby’s delicate skin as well as kinder on the environment. All TERRA wipes are proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand.