Research conducted by the University of Oxford has found that communal eating increases social bonding and, in turn, feelings of wellbeing, happiness, and satisfaction. Old El Paso is looking at ways in which Kiwi families can be brought together to enjoy companionship and collaborative dinners. Sadly, there are many distractions nowadays that detract from communal diners, like cellphones, television, and difficulty in getting people around the table at the same time. Around 49 percent of Kiwis prefer the company of the television during mealtimes, according to Old El Paso research. 

The University of Oxford also found that the happiest households are the ones who take their time over meals and truly connect by discussing their day and sharing what’s on their minds. 

Keezia Haste, Old El Paso marketing manager, explained, “Sitting down together to share a meal used to be a ritualistic part of our day nut now in the fast-paced environment that we’ve created for ourselves, we seem to struggle to find that much-needed time. It’s clear that eating together makes us happier, and yet we’ve moved away from this.”

“Mexican food is great for sharing and noisy by nature, making it a great option for gathering family and friends and making some of that good noise that comes from real-life connections.”

According to Old El Paso research, multi-plate meals, much like the ones enjoyed in Mexican-style sharing meals, increase levels of conversation and heighten happy noise. This is because there are often more avenues to explore as people around the table exchange plates and engage in a more conversive scenario as opposed to each eating their own meal. 

“So, to encourage more families to sit and connect over a meal, we’ve launched the ‘Make Some Noise’ campaign to encourage families across New Zealand to eat together, and no better way than making Mexican a weekly ritual in the home.”

Currently, the Old El Paso range includes dinner kits, salsas, dips, seasoning mixes, and tortillas. Old El Paso continues to develop and evolve with customer taste and expectations.