Ghiotti's olive range is beautifully fruity with tangy and slightly salty flavours. From Sicilian Green Olives to Green Olives with Pimiento, Ghiotti has the perfect olive for any dish or drink.

Sicilian Green Olives, from the island of Sicily in Italy, have bright green colour, plump, firm and crunchy flesh, slightly salty and buttery with a full fresh fruit flavour. Amazing drowned in a Martini.
Green Giant Olives from Puglia in Italy are the biggest olive available and boast firm flesh, nutty flavour with slight acidity.
Kalamata Olives are almond shaped, dark purple Greek olives with a smooth and juicy texture.
Traditional Greek Black Olives are fully ripped with a smooth texture and rich flavour.
Green Olives with Pimiento (pepper in Spanish) is a large, red, heart-shaped sweet pepper that is more aromatic than regular capsicums. The sweeter flavour of the pimiento complements the tartness of the olive.

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