Business Growth Summit celebrates diversity

Diversity will be celebrated by the Business Growth Summit this year as they prepare to host the world's largest online gathering of female entrepreneurs.

Over 3,000 business owners, both men and women, have registered to take part in the 2019 Business Growth Summit for Women Entrepreneurs. The event is free to those attending, where they will have access to 16 world-class speakers, innovators and authors who have gathered to share their expertise. The list of speakers for this year’s inaugural event includes marketing expert Seth Godin, former Apple executive Guy Kawasaki and New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin.

“The 2019 Business Growth Summit will bring together women in urban, rural and country areas, with access available from anywhere with an internet connection,” said Suzi Dafni, host of the summit. “This summit isn’t just about inspiration and information; the workbooks and live question-and-answer sessions will focus on how you can actually implement what you’ve learned to generate real business results.”

Topics covered in this year’s event include a focus on market selection and niche markets, how to translate passion into profit and what to say before you ask for the sale. “Through exploring topics like these, and many more, the summit will help entrepreneurs master the tactics, skills and knowledge they need to win the Outer Game and examine the mindset barriers to growth and self-limiting actions and thoughts that hold back their inner Game,” concluded Dafnis.

Dafnis is the CEO of Herbusiness, a collaborative community for women who are growing and investing in their own businesses.