Capitalising on Global Trends and Emerging Markets

In an exclusive interview with SupermarketNews magazine, Tim Foulds, Head of Insights at Euromonitor International, sheds light on New Zealand's unique selling points and potential to leverage global consumer trends. 

Foulds emphasised that the success of New Zealand's marketing strategy, exemplified by the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign, is deeply rooted in the association with sustainability, green practices, and pristine landscapes that give rise to eco-friendly and sustainable products. 

Foulds pointed out four prominent global themes with significant market potential: health, plant-based products, snacking, and private-label and ready-made meals. 

Tim Foulds

One prominent trend that has gained momentum is the growing interest in supporting local products. Foulds highlighted that this interest often translates to supporting small-scale producers that can play on their provenance rather than corporations, an area where New Zealand has thrived.

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