Cutting-edge NZ company Littos have recently launched innovative Anytime Coffee Chews.

Made from quality coffee powder, Anytime Coffee Chews boasts an authentic barista coffee taste that satisfies coffee cravings – while improving oral malodour.

At a lower cost than a cup of coffee, the coffee chews provide high value and ease of consumption, with no mess or spillages.
Littos Coffee Chews save valuable time that can often be wasted waiting in lines, or waiting for coffee to cool – providing a quick pick-me-up whenever and wherever.

Presented in compact recyclable packaging, the purse-sized containers are easy to have on hand in your pocket or hand bag at any point of the day.

With 25 individual pieces, the total pack is equal to one espresso serving, so you can pop a piece anytime to stay focussed.

Littos NZ Anytime Coffee Chews have no added sugar, rather natural sweetener, xylitol, boasting that allows for healthy, non-stained teeth, and wholesome benefits – xylitol starves plaque- producing bacteria, doesn’t spike blood sugar or insulin, and feeds friendly microbes in the digestive system.

The coffee chews can also be used to kill sugar cravings, while also providing a quick caffeine hit that helps to boost and maintain productivity and energy throughout the day.