Platter fans unite! Hill Street Wholefoods has launched Seed Crackers, its first savoury clean mix.

The newest edition to the baking brand that’s created a cult following is a New Zealand first. Made from nutritious, plant-based ingredients. Purely sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed, psyllium husk, nutritional yeast and pink Himalayan salt, the mix requires only water to create 32 large crackers (2 x baking trays).

Hill Street Wholefood Seed Crackers are guilt-free, containing no gluten, dairy, nuts, refined sugar and they are vegan and keto-friendly.

The Kiwi entrepreneur behind this innovative clean mix concept, Eliana Glover is on a mission to make healthy home baking not just easy, but appealing.

“Our clean baking mixes are made in New Zealand and distributed nationwide in supermarkets, premium grocers, homewares & gift stores. We’re excited to expand the range and take our first step into savoury baking. Our Seed crackers are easy to make and most importantly - delicious," said Glover.

“As with all our mixes, you’re only restricted by your imagination. I encourage bakers to add-in different ingredients for a creative twist. For Seed Crackers, experiment with ingredients like parmesan and herbs, any leftover mix can be used to add texture to dishes like salads."

Ideal for any baker, regardless of age, Hill St Wholefoods clean mixes are incredibly easy to prepare, making them the perfect activity for children in the upcoming school and Christmas holidays. Add them as a tasty snack to add to lunchboxes or impress your friends and family adding freshly baked crackers to summer platters.

As well as being nutritionally better for you, the packaging is designed to be better for the planet. The cardboard boxes are sourced sustainably and printed using vegetable ink. All of the mixes are made and packaged in New Zealand.