Consumer Healthcare Products NZ Responds to Restrictions

To retailers of analgesics: two packet limit recommended - CHPNZ.

"Countdown has recently extended its restriction of the sale of one packet of paracetamol per customer to sales of ibuprofen.

In response, I wanted to confirm that Consumer Healthcare Products New Zealand’s (CHPNZ) position remains unchanged: General sales of analgesics to customers should be restricted to two packets, including both paracetamol and ibuprofen.

CHPNZ believes this provides a suitable balance between customer accessibility to self-care, practicality and health and safety.

However, CPHNZ recommends retailers adapt their sales systems so that staff are alerted should more than two packets be presented for purchase by the same customer at the point of sale.

As always, CHPNZ recommends consumers consult their pharmacist or doctor should they experience ongoing pain."

Scott Milne
Executive Director CHPNZ