Consumers Going Nuts for Coconuts

It’s safe to say that coconut products have exploded into supermarkets and can be found in nearly every aisle in a wide variety of products including snacks, baking, oil and beauty.

Having first entered the market under coconut water it swiftly moved into other categories like alternative dairy products like coconut yoghurt and coconut milk and now is found in baby food, shampoos, soups, and many, many more.

At Countdown, coconut-based products have been trending for a while and the business has seen double digit growth over the last year, driven largely by product innovation and consumer interest in plant-based foods. Although there is no stand-out product/category in which coconut is featured, coconut water is a very popular choice with Countdown customers according to a Countdown spokesperson.

“We’re always reviewing our range to meet customer growth and trends and coconut products are no exception. We’ve recently brought some exciting new products onto shelves including Daisy Coconut Yoghurt, Little Island Coconut Yoghurt and Nice & Natural Probiotic Coconut & Cranberries Bars which are already proving popular with customers.”

Over the next five years it is expected that the coconut market will experience a 10 percent growth with consumer demand heading toward healthier dairy alternatives and naturalness. Innovations in the category have seen an increase in product quality and variety which are contributing factors to the growth of the market.

Janene Draper, co-founder of Farro said that coconut products, particularly yoghurts and ice creams, continue to have a loyal following amongst their customers.

"Sales in coconut water also sharply spiked through Covid-19," said Draper.

Health conscious consumers are going nuts over coconut products, as unlike other fruits that are high in carbohydrates, coconuts provide mostly fat. Coconuts also contain protein and many key minerals and vitamins.

We have rounded up our top products that feature coconut below.

CocoMaNuts in a Nutshell

CocoMaNuts, coconut nut butters made with only two ingredients: coconut and nuts.  CocoMaNuts is a great choice for people looking for a healthy and delicious nut butter alternative, free of added sweeteners and additives. Customers love the originality and distinctive flavour of the range of nut butters.

Eat CocoMaNuts straight out of the jar, use it in smoothies, drizzle it over pancakes or as a satay sauce for Thai or Malaysian style dishes. Pour CocoMaNuts over ice cream it sets as a hard shell, go on try it.

CocoMaNuts Peanut Smooth this carefully blended ratio of peanut and coconut produces a naturally sweet peanut butter with a moreish coconut flavour.

CocoMaNuts Peanut Crunchy roasted to perfection, this extra crunchy creation is “downright delicious” and will satisfy your crunchy nut cravings.

CocoMaNuts Almond Smooth, almonds are a typically bitter tasting nut, but add toasted coconut and this blend results in the perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavours.

CocoMaNuts Cashew with its velvety texture tasting like a creamy, sweet fudge.  Watch out this one is wickedly addictive.

Visit CocoMaNuts for more information.

Cocofrio is known for producing the most incredible, creamy, vegan ice-cream with a large, delicious range of 8 flavours spreading across our 500ml take home tubs.

“We are dedicated towards creating healthy dessert treats that are natural and that do not compromise taste,” said the Cocofrio team.

Cocofrio was born to fill a void. Everyone likes ice cream but fulfilling the craving for a sweet dessert whilst making healthier choices is not easy. At Cocofrio, the team strive to create a better tasting, natural and healthy ice cream that everyone can enjoy.

The brand is proud to announce the launch of its NEW boxed pack of ice cream cones to complement its 500ml tub range.

Introducing this exciting new Cocofrio Cone range with two of its most popular flavours, Salted Caramel and Hazelnut Choc Delight that are proudly:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • FODMAP friendly certified
  • Natural with no artificial flavours or additives.

Cocofrio Cones are designed to help with a range of allergies including dairy, gluten and fructose intolerances. The brand is also proud to be the first and only FODMAP Friendly Certified ice cream in the world.

For more information, contact or visit

As global demand for keto products soars, New Zealand founded start-up, Skyebird Foods, fills a gap.

The keto food start-up has launched a range of premium, New Zealand-made keto cookies.

The brand’s mission is to create keto-friendly options, which are nutritious, delicious and convenient. Launching first with keto-friendly bread, the brand’s popularity continues to grow, much of the growth driven by the immense organic interest from consumers prioritising health more than ever.

In response to customer demand, Skyebird Foods is incredibly excited to launch its range of high-quality keto cookies, made with only clean ingredients.

Like all Skyebird products, the keto cookies are designed specifically to keep blood sugar levels stable and seamlessly integrate into any low carb, high protein diet. With an emphasis on real, wholefood sources - coconut, almond, cacao and hemp to name a few - Skyebird Keto Cookies satisfy sweet cravings without guilt (each cookie contains less than 1g net carbs).

Available in four decadent flavours – Chocolate Chip, Caramel Creme, Anzac and Dark Chocolate - each boasting a freshly-baked taste and deliciously soft texture.

For more information contact

Wild Coconut Oil” - the untamed coconut flavour, lightly toasted to perfection!

Organic certified virgin coconut oil sourced from the Solomon Islands produced by women in social enterprise to our specific requirements undoubtedly the best full flavoured coconut oil in the world!  Bought to you by Kiwi company Blue Coconut New Zealand’s biggest coconut oil supplier.  Of course, the brand also supply its wonderful tasteless and odourless Blue Coconut Oil for when the coconut flavour is not required, giving customer choice.  Ethically sourced from our Pacific Island neighbours.  Try coconut oil on your skin too, especially after returning from the beach this summer!

For more information call 03 348 8280, email or visit

AYAM™ prides itself in offering products with honest Asian flavours, capturing the authentic essence of Asian cooking.

Offering everything from Asian Sauces, Curry Pastes and Coconut products, AYAM™’s range of Asian products are free of allergens, preservatives and artificial colours which means you can enjoy an authentic Asian meal without the guilt.

Being both high quality and ethically sourced, AYAM™’s range of 100% natural Coconut Milks and Creams are perfect for consumers seeking a clean product. Honestly harvested straight from the source, each can of 100% natural AYAM™ Coconut Milk and Cream is crafted using the naturally sweet, ripe flesh of their finest handpicked coconuts.

To extract the true flavours and aromas of each coconut, AYAM takes great care in crafting their Coconut Milks and Creams.

Every drop of AYAM Coconut Milk and Cream is meticulously squeezed from each coconut through a process of fine grating and pressing before it’s canned and ready to consume.

From curries, soups, beverages and everything in between, AYAM’s range of premium Coconut Milks and Creams allow you to make any dish a mealtime masterpiece.

“Ayam Coconut is a market leading brand in the Asian Foods category in New Zealand and the #1 in Australia”

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