Consumers’ Love Affair With Chocolate Drives Growth

One word - chocolate. It's not only delicious, it was one of the fastest-growing categories last year thanks to a lot of NPD and R&D in the sector. The aisle for those with a sweet tooth saw a rise in dark chocolate variants, organic and fairtrade products and also reformulations. However, the growth in the category can't be put down to just innovation, it is also a sign of recessionary times. Don't worry, it's not just you sitting on the couch making your way through a block of chocolate thinking of the good ol' days. Turns out, the world is right there too.

"Indulgent categories always tend to do well when consumer confidence dips," according to Ben Morrison, head of commercial in Nielsen's grocery division. "The worse we feel as a nation, the more chocolate we eat." With a big night out off the cards for most of this year and for the foreseeable future, it has made way for a big night in, with consumers treating themselves to chocolate sweets.

An increase in consumer demand for more premium products has also helped spur on growth within the category. Despite the growth in other categories like health and wellness and better-for-you products, consumers still have their love affair with chocolate, it may just be that their preferences have changed.

So, to celebrate the upcoming International Chocolate Day on September 13 (not that we need a day to celebrate our favourite sweet treat), SupermarketNews has put together the top five products in the category.

Following the successful development of its premium Chocolate Fish 50g range Queen Anne has launched a unique Kiwi gifting option  -  a box containing four flavours of Chocolate (Marshmallow) Fish; Milk Chocolate Strawberry Fish, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fish, Milk Chocolate Pineapple Fish & Dark Chocolate Orange Fish.

With its ‘Kiwiana’ positioning the Queen Anne Fish Selection 200g targets ‘every day’ gifting, such as birthdays, as well as traditional seasonal gifting.

As a premium product the Fish Selection adds value to the category and enhances retailer margins.

The Queen Anne Chocolate Fish Selection is Gluten Free and features natural flavours and colours, in line with consumer preferences.

For sales enquiries please contact your Alliance Marketing Representative.

Lindt Hazelnut and Lindt Cocoa Spreads are a new premium offer.

Passionately developed by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, Lindt Spreads have a perfectly smooth texture and full hazelnut and cocoa taste.

The opportunity is to drive value and growth in the spreads category with a high quality, premium offering.

Available instore from September 7th.

For more information, contact your local DKSH representative.

Chocolaterie Guylian was created in 1967 by Guy & Liliane who joined their names by passion for chocolate and love. They created for the first time chocolate in the shape of seashells and the Sea Horse became the brand's icon. Today, the Guylian Chocolates are still made with the same craftsmanship and passion to provide the ultimate Belgian Chocolate taste experience for chocolate lovers. Enjoy the finest Belgian Chocolates with 100% pure cocoa butter, filled with Original Pralinè, made with roasted hazelnuts in copper kettles following the original recipe of the founders.

Each Guylian Chocolate is marked with the Guylian G, its quality signature that guarantees that our chocolates meet the exacting Belgian chocolate making standards.

Project Seahorse

Every time consumers buy Guylian Chocolates they are supporting Project Seahorse, an International Marine Conservation Organization.

Wildness is a social enterprise based in Wellington, at the Rimutaka Prison. The business is registered with Akina, the government’s entity for SE.

The brand harness the energy and the skills of the inmates to print, pack and dispatch its range of chocolates to customers. Packed with eco-friendly, zero waste materials, its delicious organic chocolates are hand made using only the finest ingredients and environmentally sustainable methods.

Wildness is proud to work in NZ who share a passion for integrity, sustainability, environmental awareness, organic foods and fostering real social progress. Check out their range available for supermarkets.

For more information, email or visit

Ola Pacifica is a chocolate business that wsa started by Nia and Phil Belcher after settling in Hawkes Bay, Phil's hometown, following living and working in Samoa.

In 2011, Phil and Nia set up the business to pursue their passion to help the growers.

Nia is Samoan, a former Samoan Netball Representative and an experienced Environmental Policy Planner; Phil, a Carver /Artist; High School Teacher with a geological science background; are both graduates of Auckland University.

Ola Pacifica sources their single origin cacao beans straight from growers in Samoa supporting the community at village level. With New Zealand ingenuity, the recent range of chocolate is now produced in Switzerland for Ola Pacifica. The Swiss involvement has been driven by sustainability ethics in the production of the chocolate from bean to bar.

More people are now supported; growers in Samoa and service businesses in New Zealand for marketing and distribution. Importantly for allergy prone consumers; the recipe does not include milk, soy, lecithin or GMO and it is delicious.

The certified, carbon-neutral and vegan-friendly chocolate comes in almond, orange and coffee flavours and cost around $6.90 a bar in stores throughout New Zealand.

For more information, visit