New World is 100% committed to doing our best to tread as lightly as possible on this earth – and among a whole host of initiatives including Electric Vehicle charging stations, 100% recyclable meat trays and millions of meals donated to local community groups to prevent waste, we’re making a big move on single-use plastic bags.

With bags destined to be gone from the end of 2018, New World is really ramping up the availability of long-life reusable bags.  “We promised to give away more than 2 million bags, and our latest New World promotion is absolutely going nuts,” said Steve Bayliss, Group Marketing GM, Foodstuffs NZ.

“Huge demand across all our stores means that hundreds of thousands of customers are happily packing their chicken breasts, cheese and stonefruit into brightly coloured, sustainably sourced jute bags festooned with toucans, cacti and geometric fruit.”

The bags are being seen on beaches, in bars and the back of bicycles – used for groceries, gym gear, kids’ sports equipment and carrying small dogs.

Along with this environmentally friendly initiative New World is doing a number of other things to help its customers adjust to a life without plastic bags including working on a campaign to help change shopper behaviour and continuing to offer a 5 cent rebate to New World North Island customers using reusable shopping bags for their groceries.

The New World partnership with Sea Cleaners has kicked off around the country.  In addition, to support from New World, customers can make a 10 cent donation (or more) at the checkout to Sea Cleaners’ incredible work to clean up our seas, harbours and oceans.  New World team members are stepping up to volunteer with the Sea Cleaners crew to pick up sea trash around the country, seen here like the team at New World Remuera,  who spent the day on Rangitoto cleaning beaches.