Demand for Countdown’s Glass Containers Sees Programme Extended

A combination of heavy customer demand and international shipping delays have seen Countdown announce a one week extension to the redemption period for its popular glass container programme.

“With our glass container programme, we want to be completely transparent with customers,” said Acting Managing Director, Sally Copland.

“Shipping delays will see our stores throughout the country run low this week as we wait for more containers to arrive in New Zealand. Combined with the fantastic demand we’ve seen from customers, this means people will have to contain their excitement to redeem their eStamps for a little longer.

“The great news is that towards the end of January, we’ll have more glass containers arriving back in our stores and we’ll also be extending the redemption period by a week until 21 February.”

Customers can continue to earn eStamps until 31 January.

The programme, which has seen Countdown introduce eStamps for the first time, has a clear environmental focus - one that has resonated with Kiwi customers.

“We’ve been really pleased with how well the programme has been received by our customers - especially those wanting to take a more environmentally friendly approach to how they store and save their food and to how they collect their eStamps."

“Making sure our collectable programmes are sustainable is really important to us. This is the first time we have used eStamps and, when it’s completed, around 80 million pieces of paper will have been saved from going into the environment."

“Not only that, but with more of our customers reusing these containers to store their leftovers, we’re also helping to prevent food waste ending up in landfills too. The smaller, glass containers have been especially popular with customers as they are the perfect size for leftovers that can then be easily transported to work the next day for lunch."

Oddly, customers' preference for the containers has been for the smaller sizes and numbers show that Kiwis are more into round containers than rectangles.

“We’re looking forward to our customers collecting and redeeming their eStamps in the coming weeks to grow their reusable container collections."