Putting the ‘Zing’ into Summer

L&P is kick starting 2021 with the return of its popular L&P Sour to Kiwi fridges this summer.

L&P Sour is the Kiwi lemony classic with a twist, that offers a 'zing' to the tastebuds. The sour-yet-sweet limited edition flavour brings the classic taste of L&P, but with a mouth-watering sharpness.

Originally released to claims of 'sensational' and 'absolutely fantastic' in 2013, and again in 2017, the team behind L&P thought summer 2021 is the perfect time to bring Sour back. As L&P's most requested flavour, it is back by popular demand.

"L&P is such a distinctive flavour, and with Sour, it's about bringing that extra hit of sharp L&P lemon," said Laura Knight, L&P senior brand manager.

"No Kiwi summer is complete without a cold L&P, and this year we'll be keeping many of our fans happy with the return of this popular flavour."