Digital Catalogue’s Impress Aussie Shoppers

Aussie consumers are becoming more conscious and planning their purchases with digital catalogues

With the cost of living on the rise, a new report from ShopFully and Nielsen suggests Aussie consumers are becoming more conscious about where they spend their hard-earned dollars by researching retailers and products before hitting the shops.

Consumers are now taking time to plan their shopping trips before embarking on a big spend, a new report states that 47 percent of consumers use internet research as their top source of retail information, followed close by digital catalogues at 46 percent.

Digital catalogue consumption reports some of the highest increases, with 44 percent of consumers reporting more readership and 66 percent using them at least once a week to plan purchases. Of those surveyed 87 percent plan to continue reading digital catalogues in the near future. 

“Catalogues continue to be a go-to for three-quarters of the nation when they’re deciding what to purchase, with readers spending 8.3 minutes per week browsing retailers’ specials. Interestingly, Gen Z and Millennials are turning to digital catalogues the most, reading them 2.8 and 2.6 times per week respectively, which dispels any generational stereotypes about consumption and perhaps reflects just how much they’re feeling the effects of the rising cost of living.” Said Dean Vocisano, ShopFully’s Australian Country Manager. 

Consumers are spending 15 percent more time reading digital catalogues over printed formats, the switch from traditional print catalogues comes as digital is more convenient and better for the environment. The report highlights the strength in a drive to store and final conversion for digital catalogues, with 33 percent more shoppers visiting physical stores after reading digital content. 

Digital marketing is more important to consumers than ever, with two in three Aussies believing it is essential for retailers to have an online presence and a physical store, as it makes them seem more trustworthy. For a single purchase, 71 percent of shoppers are combining the digital and physical channels. Personalised marketing is also encouraged, with 40 percent of consumers happy to receive emails as it often saves them time searching for good deals.

“It’s clear that Aussies are using their smartphones to interact with retailers, making the digital and in-store shopping experience more intertwined than ever. Consumers still value physical shopping, calling for Australian retailers to capitalise on technology that encourages shoppers to head in-store.”