DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia Pacific, is selected to drive growth of La Zuppa in New Zealand.

DKSH acquired the local distributor CTD in Australia in July this year. With this move, DKSH strengthened its Consumer Goods business and expanded its market presence in Asia Pacific. CTD’s product portfolio contains several food products, such as La Zuppa, an Australian all-natural soup brand.

As part of this collaboration, DKSH will provide marketing, sales, distribution and logistics services for La Zuppa into New Zealand supermarkets. The team of specialists in New Zealand has strong sales and marketing capabilities, unparalleled national coverage, professionalism and industry knowledge to successfully grow the market for the La Zuppa brand.

“We are excited to welcome the La Zuppa brand into our portfolio. With our expertise and experience in FMCG, we look forward to bringing this business in New Zealand to new heights," said Russell Wilson, managing director, DKSH New Zealand.

DKSH helps innovative and popular products and brands secure a place in the supermarkets as well as other major channels, including foodservice, convenience, online and more. DKSH offers a full-service model with end to end support in relationship management, marketing, logistics, warehousing, and financial management.