Drinkfinity Americano

The first products in a new coffee category, PepsiCo’s vessel and pod beverage system, Drinkfinity, has released two Americano pods.

Currently, the company sells 16 different pods in a variety of flavours, including Lemonade Renew, Grapefruit Ginger Flow, and White Peach Chill. Pods are categorised under four labels, Renew pods contain electrolytes, Flow contains vitamins or fibre, Chill pods are made with botanicals, and Charge contains caffeine.

The new Americano pods – Americano Charge and Cinnamon Americano Charge each contain two expresso shots of Colombian coffee and are marketed as an alternative to time-consuming cold brew options from regular coffee shops.

Environmentally sustainable, the Drinkfinity pods contain approximately 65 percent less plastic than other RTD beverages and are made from 100 percent post-consumer rPET plastic.