For every five-year-old, a decent cake is a must, and this was definitely on the cards this week at Foodstuffs North Island.

“This week we recognised and celebrated five years of being Foodstuffs North Island which, as many in the industry will recall, began on 1 September 2013. I suspect for most of our team it’s come as a slight shock to realise it’s been five years already because we’ve just been busy making sure New Zealanders get more out of life and driving our business forward," Chris Quin CEO, Foodstuffs North Island.

“I looked back at the info memo for the merger that was shared with Members in 2013, and it was a strong reminder of the massive step it was, in a journey that we are still on. The merger had these main drivers: “to serve our customers better, to be more competitive, to provide greater opportunities for our people, and to ensure Foodstuffs continues for future generations.”

Looking back at it now, Quin said the leaders who saw the opportunity to create more customer and Member value through a merger, worked hard toward those goals and got a great outcome for all stakeholders.

Quin said there’s a lot to be proud of from the last five years. “We have more customers choosing to shop with us every day, and since 2013 have grown our market share and our customer satisfaction.

“We have kept growing our business performance, which means we can keep investing for New Zealanders and in our talent. We’ve come a long way towards being a digital business and we now have access to information we’ve never seen before.

“Our brands have strengthened, our sustainability and community position is leading for customers and we have a 22,000-strong team committed to making sure New Zealanders are getting more out of life every single day.”

Quin reckons that five years seem like a short time when you’re in it, but it feels like a long time when you pause to acknowledge it.  Five years are also not very long when he thinks about where he wants stores and banners to be down the track.