Ecostore Marks Milestone for Refill Stations

Ecostore has started a refill movement globally, setting up refill stations in more than 10 countries overseas. It celebrates a milestone of achieving over 200 refill stations globally.

The company has been offering refill solutions for over a decade in New Zealand, allowing consumers to refill their product bottles rather than buying a new bottle. Today ecostore has over 100 refill stations in New Zealand and 200+ globally covering countries like Australia (3), Japan (45), Korea (26), China (Hong Kong, 15 and Taiwan, 9), Malaysia (3), Singapore (1), Brunei (1) and Vanuatu (1). There are also a few yachts sailing around the world that have ecostore refill stations.

The refill movement is growing globally with more and more consumers choosing to purchase environmentally friendly products with eco packaging.