Education In Design – Not Legislation

LEGISLATION is backing packaging design into a corner in New Zealand whereas European packaging was not encumbered by laws and as a result stunning innovation was being seen.

That’s one of many opinions from Lars Wallentin, one of the world’s leading designers here in New Zealand last month.

He addressed Auckland Food & Grocery Council members sponsored by Design Print Partners who were celebrating their 25 years in the industry.

He said innovation was rife in Europe, particularly the UK and France but unfortunately New Zealand was a small market, a village, and the volume was simply not here for real innovation.

Wallentin’s thought provoking address to suppliers  included many European examples of branding, point of sale, in-store creative, advertising and product design.

He was last in New Zealand 11 years ago and said little had changed in what was now a legislative cauldron that was stifling great ideas.

He said politicians were dumbing down the whole process with overwhelming legislation with the view that suppliers were out to cheat the consumers.

“New Zealand is a small market where suppliers can test ideas from creative young designers – it is a unique opportunity,” he said.

Wallentin was born in Sweden but moved to Switzerland and the Nestle headquarters where he was responsible for the development of design solutions for strategic brands such as Nescafe, Maggi, Buitoni, Nesquik and KitKat.

Since retiring, he spends his life writing about design and packaging, consulting with many consumer goods companies, speaks on packaging design and sits on several design juries.

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