As natural alkaline water sales soar across the globe, E’stel positions itself perfectly in the marketplace. During the lockdown, the brand is able to supply the increase in demand for this essential product as the business sources from NZ suppliers, the decision to pull out of China was made a few years back.

With exceptional clean tasting Natural Alkaline water sourced from deep pristine aquifers at the top of the South Island, E’stel artesian water promotes health and wellbeing and maximises hydration.

The eye catching, sustainable 100% recycled (RPET) bottles and the 10 litre eco-boxed water offer great tasting water at home, the office and on the go.  It’s is no wonder E’stel is the preferred choice for health and environmentally conscious water connoisseurs. E’stel equates to great taste, quality and design.

For more information visit www.estel.nz