Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.24.10 amEVOLVE Kombucha is a family-owned business started by mum and daughter team, Trisha and Megan.  Trisha discovered kombucha in 1998 while living in California and began making it for family and friends. Returning to New Zealand, Trisha began refining and improving the recipe for her drink until she made a brew she knew she could sell.

Leaving her job in Community Development, Trisha began the production of Evolve Kombucha, selling the drink at local farmers markets and health food stores. Megan had quit her job in the Health Sector to be a full time mother and also came on board with the business. “Our family has always loved good food and been passionate about healthy living.  We have explored with a few small scale projects, always health-food related and organic – raw candy, sunflower sprouts, a health food co-op, and others. In our passion for excellence, we have reinvented the kombucha brewing process.” Trisha says. “This delivers a fresher, cleaner and richer taste than other kombucha brands we have tried.” The unique process also provides an optimal environment for highest possible probiotic content.

Evolve Kombucha is available in two sizes, a drink-to-go 300ml and a family sized 750ml.
The drink is brewed and bottled by hand, using only whole, organic and unrefined ingredients.
For more information email: evolvekombucha@gmail.com