Supermarkets in the UK are set to trial facial recognition software to replace age checks in a pilot run by British identity app. The new technology looks to carry out the age checks when customers are purchasing alcohol and other age-restricted items at a self-service checkout.

Using a smartphone app called Yoti, the checkouts will be able to confirm the user's age by scanning the shopper's face to confirm their identity. With the new technology in place, it could streamline the checkout process even further by reducing the requirement of checkout operators and assistants having to check manually.

Founded by Robin Tombs and Noel Hayden, the Yoti app scans a person's drivers licence or passport, and a photo of the person to tie together to confirm its owner's identity at any time by them taking a selfie.

A QR code will show up on the checkout screen which is then scanned by the customers' app, which would then scan their face to confirm their identity.