T&G Global has strengthened its relationship with All Good Bananas beyond ripening and distributing its fruit to managing the supply and sales for growing demand for the leading Fairtrade banana brand.

The two companies have been working together for three years with a real focus on delivering quality Fairtrade fruit to Kiwis produced on the simple principles of being All Good. Good for banana-lovers; good for growers and good for the environment.

The new agreement sees All Good become T&G’s premium Fairtrade banana brand. Combining T&G’s extensive distribution network with the fun and engaging All Good brand will give Kiwis greater access to the tastiest Fairtrade bananas available.

All Good Bananas will retain creative ownership of the brand and the two companies will work closely to drive awareness of the All Good benefits across a number of sponsorship and retailer relationships.

“By combining T&G’s strength as one of New Zealand’s larger growers, marketers and distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables with the All Good brand, we’re better able to meet the growing demand from New Zealanders for more sustainable, ethically produced great tasting fruit,” said Andrew Keaney, general manager New Zealand at T&G.

“T&G is committed to growing the Fairtrade produce category in New Zealand and this partnership will help us to achieve this while ensuring a fair return to our growing partners in El Guabo, Ecuador; supporting them, their communities and their businesses,” says Andrew.

“We were the first to bring Fairtrade bananas to New Zealand and have been contributing development funding which guarantees these funds enable the social and economic development of our growers. It connects people selling and eating our bananas, with the ones growing them,” says Matt Morrison, co-founder, All Good Bananas.

“We are focused on driving more volume, in order to help more people. This new agreement with T&G will help us in doing more good, with a brand Kiwis love and will continue to remain category leaders for Fairtrade bananas.”

Fairtrade bananas stem from the El Guabo cooperative of small farmers in Ecuador and provide farmers and workers with the security of a stable price year-round for their fruit. On top of the price of bananas, the El Guabo cooperative earns a Fairtrade. Since All Good started importing Fairtrade bananas into New Zealand in 2010 the company has given back over $1.3 million to the El Guabo community in Fairtrade premium funding; supporting school kids, a free medical centre, a special needs school and sustainable farming initiatives.

Kiwis eat an average of 18kgs of bananas per year, placing New Zealand in the top two banana consuming nationals globally. They’re also a great source of fibre, vitamin C, potassium and manganese, and a very good source of vitamin B6, making them perfect energy food.