Throwing the gauntlet to big supermarket chains, grocery retailer Farro Fresh just relaunched its website with a modern online shopping service and moved its loyalty program to the ‘Poket’ app.

Thanks to Farro’s virtual shop, Aucklanders are now able to order from home or work as they do in-store, having all products delivered straight to their doors. The initial offering seems quite varied.

“From everyday basics through to the interesting and hard-to-find, we are launching with approximately a thousand lines on offer,” Farro managing director Janene Draper said.

“Customers will be able to browse seasonal recipes and shop to create a special dish for guests on Saturday night, a delicious and easy brunch or just a midweek meal, and get their bread, milk and toilet paper delivered too.” The company has also moved its ‘Friends of Farro’ loyalty program to an innovative app called ‘Poket’, available for iOS and Android devices.

By subscribing to ‘Poket’, users get assigned a personal QR code that allows Farro to identify them and load points straight to their account. In case customers do not have a smartphone or a tablet, they can register at any Farro’s checkout and, from then on, simply identify themselves through their email address or mobile phone number.

The rewards stay the same: just like the old loyalty program introduced in 2012, the new one will continue to offer a $10 voucher for each $400 spent in a calendar month.