FED Is Feeding Couples This Valentine’s Day

FED is delivering meals to couples’ doors this Valentine’s Day with prepared dishes for two.  The two, three or four-course menu comes fully prepared and ready to heat and eat, so all you have to do is throw on the romantic tunes, light a candle and cosy up with your loved one.

For the main course, customers can feast on the smoked beef short rib with green chimichurri and a goat’s cheese and creamed polenta. While for dessert try FED’s dark chocolate mousse. Layers of raspberry and Cointreau syrup are interspersed between layers of pistachio praline and a rich chocolate mousse, made with Whittaker’s dark chocolate.

FED also includes an optional cheese course featuring Whitestone camembert with cardamom oatcakes and orange chilli jam.

FED. Chef Beckie Pilley remarked, “Valentine’s Day is all about cosying up with the object of your affection and what better way to do that than in the comfort of your own home. The ‘Valendine’ menu is designed to give you the culinary restaurant experience in the privacy of your own home.”

The company has also paired up with wine delivery company Winefriend to add a wine pairing option.