Cadbury Downsizes Chocolate Blocks

Cadbury faces backlash as the company announces the downsizing of its family-sized chocolate blocks. The company made the announcement via its Facebook page last night stating that the block of chocolate would be reduced in size from 200g to 180g.

Marketing Director for Cadbury, Paul Chatfield explained that the reduction was due to an increase in production costs. “Over time as business costs increase and we look at how we can continue to offer Cadbury fans the chocolate they enjoy at an affordable everyday price, we need to either raise the recommended retail price of our products or reduce the size of our blocks.

“We’re conscious of cost pressures facing Kiwi households, so we’ve chosen to slightly reduce the size of our blocks to ensure Cadbury fans can continue to enjoy the taste, quality and value they expect from our brand.

“We recognise some Cadbury fans will be disappointed by the smaller block size, so we’re working with our retail partners to ensure we continue to deliver the best value to consumers. Cadbury blocks will continue to be the best value chocolate block of all the major branded manufacturers making it accessible for our fans to enjoy.”

Last year Cadbury updated its Roses chocolates much to the dismay of fans. More recently the brand made a change to the shape of its marshmallow eggs igniting further backlash from chocolate lovers.